We had our last Kid’s Club last Tuesday evening and, I have to say, I’m a little relieved. Coordinating Kid’s Club this year was especially challenging this year as my teammates and I all took vacations at various points throughout the summer. Some nights our ratio of kids to adults was quite high and I felt as if my head might explode. There was rarely a dull moment. We had a kid fling around a dead squirrel, a toddler dump nearly every craft item on the grass, and a huge downpour send all the kids screaming to their apartments. 

If we focused on the chaos, we would lose sight of all the precious moments in between. Like a young girl we’ve known for years ask us if she could ‘rent’ one of our Bibles so her mom and her could study it. Or another little girl from a non-Christian family reciting every memory verse by heart. I felt my eyes well up while I talked to her about why it’s good to memorize scripture. I know that one day God will bring those verses to her mind when she is much older and so in need of Him. One day, we might not be in her life, but “those words will always be in your heart”, I told her.

The other day we had that little girl and her family over for dinner. We stood on the balcony with her and her sister as they admired the fresh green beans growing in our tiny vegetable garden. We talked about the miracle of planting seeds, and I was reminded again of why MoveIn exists. We move in so that we can plant seeds, and then watch in wonder as God makes the garden grow.