1. Connect With Us

While there's no application forms or interviews, we'd love to support and have a conversation with you.

2. Find a neighbourhood

Look through our neighbourhood maps to locate an area where you can move in.

3. Mobilize a team

Thriving and sustainable teams are made up of 3 or more committed team members. Consider who might join you on this journey and invite them.

4. Find a unit to live in

Visit your desired patch and look for an available unit to rent (or buy).

5. Pray Weekly

Spend time each week praying with your team. This includes friends that you've moved in with, and teammates with whom we've paired you.

6. Plug In

The movement stays connected through prayer, coaching, and regular gatherings to equip you as a MoveIner.


What do most Movein Teams look like?

Teams are made up of members of all ages, with most MoveIners in their 20’s and 30’s. They work regular jobs or go to school. Teams have roughly two to 10 people.

What is the time commitment?

We move in for indefinite periods of time. We don’t encourage short-term but rather long-term involvement in our communities, in part so we are not drifting in and out of peoples’ lives. Our prayer is that people who move in will see it as a lifestyle choice for the rest of their lives.

My studies and career moves are important to me. Does this fit with the Movein lifestyle? Won’t it to be too noisy und busy?

We’re happy to have many young working professionals and sharp students in our movement. In fact, you are needed to bring spiritual and social change in these neighbourhoods! Plus, every city has perfect coffee shops and libraries to get your learning done without interruption 🙂

Can you help me find teammates and an apartment?

We are doing our best to connect people with a similar vision. As soon as we hear of someone else wanting to move into your city or neighbourhood, we will let you know right away (make sure your neighbourhood can be found on the map!). Finding an apartment can be a dreary process – and unfortunately, it’s beyond us to open these doors. However, we will pray for you and cheer you on as good as we can!

What about moving in with kids? Isn’t that irresponsible? What about safety and education?

It sounds scary for kids to grow up in urban poor neighbourhoods. Dozens of families all over the world, however, have found this to be a big blessing for their family as a whole, including their kids. We’d be happy to connect you with one of these families to hear firsthand about what it’s like!